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Sting & Itch Relief from the 
most common & frequent gitters e.g.


In the USA well known and commented on by:

Are you being eaten alive by mosquitos? Is the itch driving you completely and utterly insane? Us too! ... 

If you and your family spend any time outdoors, we absolutely recommend you throw a Therapik in your bag. ... 

3,500 the number of species of pesky mosquitoes found worldwide. Cover up! Bug bites, begone! ...

Living in Florida, we’ve all experienced mosquito and fire ant bites, and maybe even the occasional jelly fish sting. The itching and burning can be annoying and painful...

Why does it feel like every insect within 30 miles has you in its crosshairs, while your husband is blissfully unbitten? ...

One of many Testimonials :

Jon Brown, Columbus, Ohio
I think this is an excellent product. It relieved the itching of mosquito bites as well as bee stings in one 30 second application.
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Therapik Relieves Pain & Itch

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Lightweight & easy to hendle

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  • Pool
  • Garden
  • BBQ
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  • Beach
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
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Purchase a THERAPIK and get fast, drug-free, guaranteed relief from the pain and itch of stings & bites.

Therapik® is based on a very simple, scientifically proven principle. Most insect venom is thermolabile (sensitive to heat). Therapik®'s patented technology delivers heat in the specific temperature range necessary to neutralize the venom from over 20,000 different species of insects and sea creatures.

How to use Therapik

  1. Place Therapik®'s red cylindrical opening on the affected bite or sting area (do not press).
  2. Activate the Therapik® by keeping the large blue button depressed for as long as the heat is bearable on the skin.
  3. The average application time is approximately 30 seconds. If pain persists,Therapik® may be reapplied to the bite or sting until relief is obtained.

    Wait 60 seconds between each application to allow skin temperature to return to normal.

    Note: Batteries are required (not included).

Product Description

Therapik® is a small, portable, hand-held, battery-powered device. It measures approximately 3cm x 3cm x 10cm and weighs less than four ounces, including the battery. The heat is initiated by use of a simple, non-locking, finger or thumb activated on/off switch. Heat is produced as long as the switch is depressed; when pressure on the switch is released, the circuit is interrupted and heat is no longer produced.

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