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Therapik® was field tested by the “North American Fishing Club” and “The National Home Gardening Club” and received both of their Seals of Approval.

Not convinced? Read some of our testimonials and learn how Therapik® is being used by so many people to combat bites and stings.
  Keith Thomas, Bozeman, Montana

“I was not sure of the products claims at first, but when the mosquitoes started to bite I found this to be a great product. I found all the manufacturers claims to be true. Easy to carry, Easy to use, and EFFECTIVE.”

  Kelly Russell, Three Oaks, Michigan

“Unbelievable! It really works. This really takes the itch away. Especially from those mosquitoes who always find an area that you missed with bug spray.”

  Marie King, South Lyon, Michigan

“I also welt up and itch terribly with mosquito bites. After I got bitten, I used the Therapik and immediately the itching stopped. No welts were present, it was as if I had never been bitten.”

  Eleanor Branch, Tucson, Arizona

“I have never used anything that stopped bite itches so quickly or permanently.”

  Debbie Ertmer, Larsen, Wisconsin

“I am allergic to mosquito bites and they swell up between the size of a nickel and a quarter and they itch excessively. I had eight bites on one arm and I tried the Therapik, within a couple of minutes, the itching was gone, the bite never swelled and the next day you couldn’t even tell where the bites had been.”

  Edie Ruedy, Saint Paul, Minnesota

”Our mosquitoes here in Minnesota are the size of B-29’s. At first I let one bite me and waited a bit and used Therapik. It worked! It’s like it drew the sting right out!”

  Ryan Gray, Flin Flon, Manitoba

“Tried it out on bites a couple of days old and it gave me relief from scratching them.”

  Lauren Dautel, Montgomery, Alabama

“This product worked wonderful on our red ant bites, it took the sting and the bumps away, I highly recommend this product.”

  Michael Schowen, Anchorage, Alaska

“The Therapik lives up to it’s advertised performance. Where I live mosquitoes, bees and especially during silver season (late August to early September) “no see – ums” can be very abundant and very aggressive. The Therapik has worked well in eliminating the annoyance of these types of bites.”

  Karen Grimm, Cologne, Minnesota

“Although I had my reservations, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product worked. It does remove the itch and pain of insect bites!”

  Rosella Glynn, White River, South Dakota

“I was amazed - mosquito bites just go away and deer fly bites has always made me swell-up badly and itch for days, but with the Therapik all signs of the bite were gone.”

  Mark Procoopio, Arvada, Colorado

“The Therapik was put to the test! The test, a three day fishing tournament at Granly, Colorado. When I was done with treatment, instant relief was achieved immediately.”

  Al Ankrum, Kennewick, Washington

“My 15 year old son was stung on the side of his face by a wasp. He said that, in a matter of minutes, the sting did not hurt at all.”

  Connie Fields, Warrens, Wisconsin

“I found this little gadget to be very effective. We have tried this on hawk fly bites, mosquito bites and bee stings.”

  John Cain, Lugoff, South Carolina

“I used this product on fire ant bites, black fly, yellow fly and mosquito bites. It worked on all the bites that I had received.”

  William Harris, Santee, California

“Therapik was tested while lake fishing in San Diego. The product works on insect bites and bee stings. My friends and outdoor contacts could not believe Therapik worked and all had to try it out. Results were excellent even when used by non-believers.”

  Francis Jones, Rayville, Missouri

“This product works really well! The Therapik is really effective for treating mosquito, sweet bee and honey bee stings and bites.”

  Jon Brown, Columbus, Ohio

“I think this is an excellent product. It relieved the itching of mosquito bites as well as bee stings in one 30 second application.”

  Peter Paiz, Antlope, California

“I recently was stung by a wasp and tried the Therapik and was amazed how quick and effective this product worked.”

  Roger Key, White Settlement, Texas

“Every angler or outdoors person should make the Therapik a valuable addition to their trips afield.”

  Larry Forton, Inglis, Florida

“I was stung by a bumble bee and Joe used it on me. It worked. Then Joe was stung by a wasp and I treated him, and I got stung by the biggest hornet I’ve ever seen and that cinched it, the Therapik worked wonderful.”

  Joseph Grigas, Derry, New Hampshire

“I took it with me up north to my camp in New Hampshire. The black flies and mosquitoes were really bad up there so the Therapik was really great.”

  Jeff Snead, Highland, California

“I went camping last week for 6 days and was stung numerous times, I used Therapik each time. I couldn’t believe how well it worked.”

  Brien Hefler, Severna Park, Maryland

“I tested the Therapik while fishing and on several camping trips, I found it easy to use, light and durable and very effective in relieving the annoying side effects of bites.”

  Jeff Barnes, Felton, California

“When I first saw the product I said “ya.. right..” But, amazingly it worked!”

  Steve Esquivel, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

“Being from the south we have a lot of mosquitoes, gnats etc. I used the Therapik especially for fire ant bites. Usually they swell and make sores, but not with the Therapik.”

  Patricia Atkins, North Muskegon, Minnesota

“Therapik works great for mosquitoes, ants and sand fleas.”

  Jack Lowas Sacramento, California

“The only problem I had was getting it back from my buddys!”

  Philip Valkenburg, Redmond, Washington

“Product removes itching right away.”

  Bennett Durgeloh, Wasilla, Alaska

“On a trip to pan for gold, several of us used the Therapik. It does work.”

  Craig Maxwell, Ashland, Oregon

“I would highly recommend the Therapik to anyone who is bothered by mosquito bites.”

  Scott Dodge, Danville, Vermont

“I used the product on many of my brook fishing trips. There was plenty of action both with fish and biting insects. I was very impressed. When I was bitten, I applied Therapik. It took out all the itching. This really works and I recommend it for anyone.”

  Steve Felts, Spring, Texas

“A very simple and easy way of taking the sting out of a bite. I used this on may wife and friends and all agreed that it worked!”

  Robert Pucher, Beacon, New York

“I had many bites on my hands and head area, the product worked every time.”

  Gavin Jensen, Crowder, Oklahoma

“I found the Therapik to be just what the manufacturers say it is.”

  Kelso Jones, Birmingham, Alabama

“It has now been used many times and always with excellent results.”

  Charlotte Cosby, Ragland, Alabama

“The Therapik was great for relief of itching and speeds healing. I recommend this product highly.”

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